By now, we have covered the topic of protecting your cybersecurity and why you should be utilizing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. NIST’s goal was to establish a common set of standards that increased information about security, while offering a better remediation plan in case your business experienced a cyberattack. These standards are outlined within three components: framework core components, implementation tiers and profiles. From there, the core components are divided into five areas that focus solely on cybersecurity:

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

Within these core functions, we want to take a deeper look into what services you can receive that can protect your business. Remember, as discussed previously, the Protect function outlines appropriate safeguards your business must take to ensure your critical infrastructure services are supported. The two services we recommend that complement this core function are email security and network and web security.

Email Security

Aside from cracking passwords and trying to access devices, email can be another easy access point for cybercriminals. Unlike devices, there is a human element to email that makes it more vulnerable to phishing attacks. You might not be able to trick a computer, but you can bet that it would be easier to dupe an unsuspecting user to click on a link from their “bank.”

Not all email security software comes layered with protection, so it’s important that you invest in solutions that include:

  • Advanced phishing identification and protection
  • URL scanning and attachment defense
  • Data loss protection
  • Compliant email retention and archiving
  • Policy-enforced encryption
  • Spam and content filtering
  • Anti-virus and zero-hour threat protection
  • Network and Web Security

Network and web security are imperative when it comes to the protection of your business. One of the easiest things to do in an office is to set up a firewall that can filter out bad URLs, prevent data loss and detect and stop anyone from trying to get into your network. An example of something that could be beneficial is setting up a guest Wi-Fi network. This can prevent unauthorized users from sharing a network with your employees.

Web security can also prevent your clients from getting into trouble while they are utilizing the web at work. You can block malicious sites or even set restrictions on streaming services to preserve your bandwidth. Not only does this keep your business safe, but it also helps to increase employee productivity.

How REDiTECH Can Help You

We’ve gone over a few aspects of how you can better protect your business against a cyberattack. Email security and network and web security is a crucial first line of defense against an attack. If you have questions on how REDiTECH can help you with these solutions—give us a call. We’ll have an expert on standby to walk you through what to expect and recommendations on which solutions to invest in. When you partner with REDiTECH, you’ll know we have your organization’s protection in mind.