Vigilant Email Security Services

IT Services That Defend Against Cyberattacks

Stop Hackers with Email Security Services

Malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware are deceptive ways hackers try to steal private information through email. Bolster your system with email security services from REDiTECH that deter email attacks and protect data. Serving Omaha, NE and Tampa, FL.


Defend Against Cyberattacks


Gain Visibility into Attack Attempts


Block & Remove Malicious Emails


Avoid Business Risks

Email Security Solutions

Email security stops threats before they reach your inbox. Here are a few of our IT support solutions.

Block Hackers

We block and remove malware with advanced filtering technology.

Gain Visibility

We can pinpoint your very attacked people (VAPs), identify how they were attacked, and determine if they were compromised.

Let’s protect confidential information.

Train Your Workforce

We can simulate phishing attacks, track the results, and train your workforce.

Identify Threats

We track malicious URLs and prevent infected attachments from entering your inbox.

Benefits of Email Security

There are many advantages to investing in robust email security.

Protection from Cyberthreats


Training for Your Workforce


Security for Your Email Server


Safeguards for Sensitive Information

Our Cybersecurity Services Include:

email security services

Network Security

Secure your infrastructure.

email security services

Security Awareness Training

Educate your team.

email security services

Dark Web Monitoring

Shine a light on cybercrime.

Let’s create an active partnership.