Cybersecurity and privacy are urgent concerns that all organizations can face. Keeping your sensitive data private and your business systems up and running can seem like an impossible feat when cyberattacks have become more sophisticated than ever. Over the past few years, there have been significant examples of breaches that have caused some concern in organizations. The Colonial Pipeline is one example of a ransomware attack that caused quite a bit of financial damage. With attacks like these, it’s apparent that you should be concerned for the safety of your business.

Every business should have a plan for protecting its cybersecurity. Fortunately, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can help. NIST is completely voluntary, but when you consider the costs your organization would have to cover if a breach should occur, it would be foolish not to be compliant. The good news is that NIST has done the hard work for you by providing a set of fundamental standards with core functions that can guide your business to greater cybersecurity.

Within these core functions, we want to take a deeper look into what services you can receive that can protect your business. Remember, the Protect function, part of NIST, outlines appropriate safeguards your business must take to ensure your critical infrastructure services are supported. The two services we recommend that complement this core function are data protection and endpoint security.

Data Protection

A company can have many working parts, but at the core, companies are essentially their data. What does this mean? You could have clients in healthcare that need to protect patient information that complies with HIPAA regulations. Or, you could have clients that have financial data that needs to be secured. Whatever the industry, securing data is more than just a cybersecurity issue—it’s a way to avoid legal ramifications.

Data protection, whether implemented on-site or in a hybrid cloud, can help you gain greater visibility and insights to stop cyberattacks in their tracks. It can allow you to enforce real-time controls and manage compliance, especially when following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Get the protection your data needs—don’t hesitate.

Endpoint Security

Protecting your servers, computers and other devices can help close the doors for cybercriminals and other unwanted attacks. Today’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions have evolved and can detect and stop threats as they come in. By detecting and blocking malicious activities, your organization can rest easy knowing your endpoints are covered. Because with a good majority of attacks coming in at the endpoint, protecting these devices provides users with another layer of protection—and peace of mind.

How REDiTECH Can Help You

Protecting your business is our number one priority. With our data protection and endpoint security solutions, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is safe. Have questions on whether you need to upgrade your solutions? Don’t hesitate—speak to a REDiTECH expert today. We can walk you through what solutions will work best for your business.