We Take the Pain Out of Technology

Whatever your problem, REDiTECH is here to solve it.


Technology powers your business. It can make work easier, faster and lighter…when it’s working properly. When something goes wrong with your computer, printer, website or network, frustration, stress and confusion can set in.


Who We Help

Whether you’re a professional practice in the dental, medical, banking or legal fields, or a nonprofit organization, if you have at least one server and 25-100 Microsoft Windows computer systems, REDiTECH is here to help you with all your IT needs. Our clients include:

large_business small_business dental


medical ITprofessionals banks


schools law nonprofit


Explore our wide variety of managed IT services including hosting, backup, security and much more today!



“As network administrator I can take down the network with one keystroke. It’s just like being a doctor but without getting gooky stuff on my paws.” –Scott Adams (“Dogbert”)