Meet Our Leadership Team

Christopher Polito – CEO

As Chief Executive Officer of REDiTECH, Chris brings more than 20 years of business development, staff management and technology services expertise to REDiTECH. While he relishes opportunities to build relationships with new clients for REDiTECH, Chris often works behind the scenes, monitoring clients’ systems and researching software issues. Chris’ experience includes all facets of business development from direct sales to building lasting client relationships. Prior to REDiTECH, Chris founded The Support Company. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems. management_chris

Dane Johnson – CIO

management_dane As the Chief Information Officer, Dane brings more than 14 years in Information Technology. He is responsible for the overall service delivery to clients, organizational structure and training of the engineering team, and solution development of the products we utilize for our clients. Dane was raised in Tabor, Iowa and now resides in Omaha. In his free time, he enjoys teaching for Creighton University, traveling, and his new found joy of golf.

Stephen Willis – CFO

management_steve As Chief Financial Officer, Steve brings more than 20 years of business operations, staff management and professional services expertise to REDiTECH. His experience includes all facets of business ownership including staff management, project development and oversight, financial management and client relations. An entrepreneur at heart, Steve has launched several new businesses including Hard Hat Industries and DAS Investments but his favorite role by far is the one he fills in leadership at REDiTECH. Steve holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and resides in Omaha, Nebraska.



“As network administrator I can take down the network with one keystroke. It’s just like being a doctor but without getting gooky stuff on my paws.” –Scott Adams (“Dogbert”)