Backup and
Disaster Recovery Solutions

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuity Solutions

Weather events, natural disasters, human error and circumstances beyond your control can all suddenly disrupt or destroy the technology systems that power your business. In those instances, downtime for any length of time can be detrimental to the immediate and long-term operations and reputation of your business.

REDiTECH’s backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions protect your business from the loss and damage that comes with downtime and data loss and keep your business humming.



Onsite & Offsite Backup Solutions

  • With this approach, all client data is backed up both locally and offsite in two separate locations across the country to ensure that your data is safe and secure in the event of a disaster.


Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity

  • When a disaster occurs it can sometimes take several days or even weeks before you get the replacement hardware to get up and running again. Our disaster recovery solutions allow you to be up and running again within hours.


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“As network administrator I can take down the network with one keystroke. It’s just like being a doctor but without getting gooky stuff on my paws.” –Scott Adams (“Dogbert”)